Louise Therrien ND

How can I help you?

I will help you cross over your new life, after menopause. I am fully qualified to assist, advise and encourage you through my comprehensive Accelerated Health Recovery Service.  I am attentive to my client needs and always look for the best way for them recover their quality of life and your long-term health balance. I am committed to providing you with a confidential, professional and personalized service in both official languages.

I am a trained Naturopathe and passionate about life and all that it as to offer! I am a mature woman with an atypical international background which allows me to understand situations from different angles and with contagious positivism. I fully understand the challenges  women experience during menopause. The hormonal imbalance brings difficult situations and the path to a return to equilibrium is fraught with pitfalls and sometimes difficult solutions to find.

I work individually with my clients with a service exclusively online.

Knowledge is Power to you

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Importance of supplements
Traveling the healthy way
Menopause and weight gain
Weight Management
Leaky Gut Syndrome