Louise Therrien Naturopath Menopause Coach welcomes you!

Have you decided to no longer suffer from unpleasant symptoms of menopause?

Is this the year that you’re going to take charge of your life?

That you will regain control of your health?

Do you know where to start to reach your goals in 2021?

The Impact of Menopause on Women’s Quality of Life

Have you been experiencing a loss of quality of life since the beginning of your menopause?

Do you feel that moments of peace and inner calm are becoming increasingly rare?

Do you feel that your personal and professional relationships are becoming more difficult and less harmonious?

Three (3) highlights that you need to know about this stage and that you don’t normally hear.

Three (3) categories of symptoms: psychological, morphological and metabolic.

Three (3) suggestions to help you reduce the impact of menopause on your quality of life.

Micronutritional deficiency, obesity and menopause

Does an event, such as a fall that causes a fracture, cause you to fear that you don’t have all the minerals your body needs to repair itself?

Three (3) important things you need to know to ensure a good choice and promote access to your optimal health.

Three (3) things to know for the analysis of your body fat %.

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Couple’s Relationship and menopause

Is it normal to experience difficulties as a couple during menopause?

Do you want to regain peace and balance at this time?

Do you know how to express yourself on the subject of menopause with your partner to understand the consequences on your life?

I detect 3 highlights in relationships and menopause, here they are:

1. Living together

2. Spousal education

3. Intimacy

Three (3) TIPS to improve your couple relationships

Sleep and menopause

Can’t sleep and feel exhausted all day long?

Do you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation?

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep, since you started your hormonal change?

1. Does your lack of restful sleep have an impact on your daily productivity at work?

2. Is it normal to experience sleep deprivation during the menopause phases?

3. Would nutritional supplements of melatonin help?

Three ( 3 ) tips to get back to restful sleep during the menopause phases.

Injuries, Aging & menopause

Is it true that injury, aging and menopause do not usually go hand in hand?

From a certain age, the efficiency of the immune system begins to decrease, so its ability to fight infection and repair wounds diminishes.

What happens when you get injured?

What is the impact of decreased estrogen levels on tissue regeneration?

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How long does menopause lasts?

Do you want to know how long menopause lasts?

Do you wonder what the signal is for the onset of hormonal change in women?

Or more importantly, what is the signal at the end of this period?

Vitamine Absorption and Aging

Is it essential to take dietary supplements if you already have a varied diet?

I’m so embarrassed that I can’t remember certain things. Would dietary supplements have an impact on this situation?

Let’s look at 3 keys to know about this topic

1. What vitamins are used for

2. Nutritional value of your food in our plate

3. How long does it take to take effect

Three (3) selection criteria to choose your dietary supplements


PART 1 – Toxicity Accumulation & Development of diseases

Toxicity plays a very important role in the development of diseases.

Intoxication takes many forms and can result from the abuse of substances such as alcohol and drugs. It can also be totally unconscious through household chemicals, sunscreen, food, air pollution and even drugs. We are all exposed to varying degrees of toxicity on a daily basis.

The main question is: are we able to eliminate or expel these toxins, also on a daily basis, in order to prevent them from accumulating in our bodies?

Part 2 – Toxicity Accumulation & Development of diseases

Do you wonder why some women experience menopausal symptoms intensely and others not or much less?

Do you think some of these symptoms could be resolved by reducing your intoxication?

We’re going to talk about 5 ways to introduce toxins, to promote intoxication of your body

1. Consuming water with a high toxins level

2. Introducing toxins via your skin

3. Introducing toxins via your food: Agriculture and pesticides

4. Promoting formation of toxins by Stress unManagement

5. Study about Environmental Exposure and Diabetes

Part 3 – Toxicity Accumulation & Development of diseases

Tree (3) highlights you need to know

1. Consequence of the malfunctioning of the evacuation process and the importance of remedying it.

2. Treatment considerations

3. Detox.

The 4 R’s program is at the base of all therapeutics aimed at eliminating the underlying causes of gastric discomfort and ensuring gastrointestinal repair.

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Are you wondering if your diet has an impact on your menopausal symptoms?

Are you experiencing the negative effects of an eating disorder?

Do you know what you eat in a 24-hour period?

There are many good reasons to keep track of what we eat.

Seven (7) reasons to keep track of what you eat.

Five (5) essential items to note in your food diary.


Seven (7) reasons to write down what you eat.


My five (5) essential items to note in your food journal.


How to analyse the data you collected in your food diary.