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  • Sleep and Menopause

    What is the relationship between sleep deprivation and the unpleasant symptoms of menopause?

    Since you started your hormonal change, when was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?
    CDC studied the length and quality of sleep of a nationally representative sample of women aged 40-59 years and categorized them by phase of the menstrual cycle/menopausal…

  • Toxicity and disease development

    Toxicity plays a very important role in the development of diseases.

    Intoxication takes many forms and can result from the abuse of substances such as alcohol and drugs.  It can also be totally unconscious through household chemicals, sunscreen, food, air pollution and even drugs.  We are all exposed to varying degrees of toxicity on a daily…

  • Sleep, aging and menopause

    A good night’s sleep means going to heaven to rest on a beautiful white, soft cloud, without any pressure on our body, without any idea in our head.  It means to clear your head and start again from scratch the next day. Unfortunately, the quality of our sleep seems to diminish with aging and especially…

  • Dietary supplements and aging

    How do dietary supplements interact with us, aging?  Is it essential to take dietary supplements if you already have a varied diet?

    These questions are relevant and important.

    Doctors rarely recommend dietary supplements, or if they do, they will in the form of prescriptions such as vitamin D, prenatal multi-vitamins, calcium and so on.

    Supplements should not replace…

  • Why would you use a food diary

    Do you know what you are ingesting over a 24-hour period? Do you understand the side effects of your diet?

    By keeping a food diary, you will get the facts right and be able to make the right choices.  Make food choices that suit you according to your age, activity level, digestive system sensitivity, and health…