What is Naturopathy?

The word “naturopathy” is made up of “nature” and “path” and means the “way of nature.” Naturopathy is the philosophy, art, and science that enables humans to achieve and maintain the highest degree of health possible, by effectively managing their lifestyle. »

What is a Naturopath?

The naturopath teaches how to manage the lifestyle to achieve and maintain his optimal level of vitality.

The naturopath guides you in the application of all natural factors of health: diet, physical activity , posture, rest, sleep, relaxation, sunshine, mental development, psychological balance, human relations, professional success, existential realization, sexual activity, hygiene, clothing, habitat, environment, water, healthy soil and air, etc.

The naturopath evaluates your level of vitality then helps you to establish an effective, detailed and personalized program to achieve your health objectives.  The naturopath consults, animates workshops, gives lectures, gives interviews, writes articles, publishes books, etc.

Naturopathy and Menopause

Menopause is a normal process of a woman’s evolution. It is characterized by the cessation of all ovulation, which leads to the impossibility of procreation. It is not a disease and treatments are not mandatory.

Nevertheless menopause can lead to physical, emotional, psychological distress or even simply heal feelings. Every woman will live this period of her life differently. Some will experience very painful symptoms, others will not.

Over 85% of women will experience significant symptoms during this transition period, symptoms that will have a negative effect on the quality of life of each of them such as: significant weight gain, night sweat, insomnia up to major depression and work leave.

The options, still restricted, for the management of these symptoms are offered to women during the menopausal period. Some include medium and long-term health risks. More and more women are therefore looking to natural options to manage these more or less uncomfortable symptoms.

Naturopathy comes to the rescue for these “sometimes helpless” women. It offers the client the opportunity to restore the vital balance to her quality of life.

The relief of symptoms, sometimes to the complete elimination of these, is possible with a rigorous application of your personalized program management.

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