Enjoy life

Menopause. It hasn’t always been a part of my life! Like most women, when I first started experiencing the symptoms of hormonal change, I had many unanswered questions. I had already started my formal education in naturopathy for a few years. I refused to be affected by the impact of menopausal symptoms on my quality of life without looking for solutions. If I had known what I know today!

I am passionate about life, about everything it has to offer! Even with menopause, I absolutely wanted to stay active, to do what I love, and keep my quality of life. Menopause is a necessary passage that led me to understand, among other things, the importance of good health to enjoy travelling. Having lived abroad for more than 20 years has allowed me to experience many cultures and to see how women live outside of Canada.

Coaching women

I love to share my knowledge about women’s health! I help women manage their menopausal symptoms, allowing them to regain their quality of life and confidence. I put all my knowledge and passion into helping women going through menopause. It’s a new stage in women’s lives: I offer them support so that they can continue to live life to the fullest.

Medical research is leading to important discoveries that continually challenge the protocols used and ensure that naturopathic training is constantly evolving.

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Dr. Sylvie Demers, M.D. Ph.D, Centre Ménopause-Andropause Outaouais: Prescribing female hormone therapy with Art & Science. May 2021 videoconference.  Preventive role of female hormones, advantage of bioidentical female hormone therapy, estrogens and progesterone, importance of ovarian hormones in women’s longevity + clinical cases and practical aspects.

Metagenics Institute Inc.: Continuing education since 2015 for personalised nutrition on the basis of functional medicine with the aim of promoting optimal health.

Therapeutic Application of Ketogenic Diete (Metagenics Inc. & Dr. R.G. Silverman) : October 2018 Seminar, Montreal: Specifically addressing the use of ketogenic diet and personalized nutritional supplementation.

Centre de santé Fonctionnelle Lucie Blouin, ND 2015-2017, Montréal:Specific advanced training addressing metabolic problems for the impact of cellular functions.

Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine 2012-2016, OntarioMédecine Auriculaire / Auriculothérapie

Institut de formation Naturopathique du Québec, 2010 Montréal:Training in naturopathy, health management.  Active member of the Collège des Naturopathe du Québec. The appropriate application of lifestyle best practices based on natural health factors.