Menopause, a milestone in women’s lives

What is menopause?

All women without exception experience perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. We all know it! But how do you manage the uncomfortable or unpleasant symptoms of menopause? This is where your naturopath and menopause coach can help you.

Facts about menopause

Is there a list of menopausal symptoms that confirm the beginning or end of this period of major hormonal changes? We know that some are common, while others are less common. Every woman has her own story.

Here’s a likely scenario: 70% of women have normal menopausal symptoms, more or less severe. Night sweats, irritability, varying degrees of sleep disturbance, depressed mood, physical exhaustion, emotional fatigue, joint and muscle pain, urinary tract symptoms and vaginal dryness are just a few examples.

The solution often adopted by women is as follows: on the recommendation of their doctor, many women turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). They are trying to alleviate menopausal symptoms due to hormonal imbalance. Is this the best solution in all cases?

The blood test and your hormonal status

A blood test can provide an answer about your hormonal status. Despite this medical result, your symptoms may be a much clearer indication that it’s time for you to take action. Learn how to manage them. My personal experience is an example. According to my blood tests, I wasn’t pre-menopausal… even though my symptoms said otherwise!

What can I do? Patiently wait for GP to confirm what the symptoms already indicate? Why wait and tolerate menopausal symptoms that can be managed differently?

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Categories of menopausal symptoms

I’ve established 3 categories of menopausal symptoms:

  • Psychological
  • Morphological
  • Metabolics

Psychological symptoms of menopause

Anxiety, lack of concentration, low self-esteem, psychological exhaustion, chronic fatigue. How is it possible that a normally confident woman can suddenly doubt herself? How is it possible that a person with the experience, the knowledge, can no longer feel capable of assuming her professional responsibilities, when she did a few months ago?

The premenopausal period often occurs at the peak of a woman’s working life. Late forties, early fifties. During this precise period… BANG! You don’t sleep, you’re confused, you forget things. It’s a sign that it’s better to go into solution mode without waiting.

Morphological symptoms of menopause

The body changes throughout life. At menopause, these changes can be even more significant. Women notice changes such as weight gain, skin texture, water retention, decreased muscle mass, or a weakening of her bone structure.

Metabolic Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause also causes women’s metabolism to change. Women experience destabilizing symptoms that disrupt their daily routine: constipation, chronic inflammation, water retention, slower digestion, weight gain and difficult weight loss.

Are women abandoned by professionals?

The women I accompany have a history in common: the majority of them are misinformed. They have no one to turn to for answers and solutions to their menopausal symptoms. Yet they have many, many questions. When they go to the doctor, they say they feel rushed and without answers to their questions. Is this true for you?

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