Naturopathy for women's health

Personalized support for women during and after menopause

Menopause is a time of significant hormonal changes. Women’s lives are impacted in different ways. The symptoms of menopause can make women feel as though their health is slipping away from them: sleep disturbances, sweats, depressed mood, emotional exhaustion and severe physical fatigue, muscle or joint pain are some of the symptoms of menopause.

The benefits of naturopathy in reducing the unpleasant effects of menopause are well known. Where do you start to take control of your health? I offer you a complete coaching service for the management of your unpleasant menopausal symptoms in combination with healthy and natural products.

To fully understand your symptoms and find the solutions that are right for you, coaching is the best approach, comprehensive and personalized, during and after menopause.

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Coaching during and after menopause

Coaching allows you to deal with menopause effectively. It allows you to:

  • Share your needs during or after menopause
  • Learn about existing solutions
  • Apply the adequate solution

Menopause can really deteriorate a woman’s quality of life. That’s why I offer personalized support to my clients. As a naturopath, I recommend natural products and best practices to improve or remedy their symptoms. This enables them to continue to lead an active and healthy life during and after menopause.

Take action through coaching

What if you could feel supported during one of the most important changes in your life? If you could take control of the menopause process, which is not a disease?

Whether you are undergoing menopause or menopausal, I offer you personalized support and solutions adapted to your needs. You will regain your equilibrium and the activities you enjoy.