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Menopause sometimes accelerates the onset of the after-effects of years spent in the sun or makes. It can also remind us of a difficult passage from adolescence to adulthood. Women in menopause notice changes in pigmentation or scars on their facial skin. Their bodies also bear the traces of their personal history.

Many women may have a chronic sensitive skin condition. They seek to adapt their facial and body care to the new needs they experience during and after menopause.

Facial and boday care during and after menopause

  • Body care for cellulite
  • Face care for mature skin
  • Deep cleansing for the regeneration of skin cells
  • Spots, wrinkles and fine lines, tone, dilated pores
  • Excess sebum, blackheads and acne
  • Rosacea, dark circles, bags and scars

Your skin speaks for you. It is the organ with the greatest surface area of the human body and is exposed to the whims of life. This is why I have selected for you high quality face and body care products.

Naturopathy for face and body care

What if you could restore your skin to a healthier appearance and a more natural texture?

If you could finally leave the house without makeup?

You can reveal your beauty with Davincia face and body care products.

Whatever the condition of your skin, I offer quick solutions to use at home, in the privacy of your own privacy. They are adapted to women in menopause or menopausal women, to achieve unbeatable results.

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