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Menopause brings its share of unpleasant symptoms: hot flashes, irritability, sleep disturbances, depressed mood, physical and emotional exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, effects on the urinary tract and vaginal dryness are among these symptoms.

To alleviate some of these symptoms, it is recommended that dietary supplements be used. Natural products can improve your condition during and after menopause. They also ensure that you provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs every day to stay alert, active and healthy!

Are you a woman going through menopause? Let's assess your needs (it's free)

The impact of dietary supplements during and after menopause

Natural dietary supplements have a key role in various functions of your body, for example to :

  • Decrease night sweats
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Maintain cognitive functions
  • Promoting Brain Health
  • Protecting your bone wholeness
  • Improve the health of your digestive system, and much more…

Women should not stop being active because they are in menopause. This is why I have selected for you high quality food supplements. Leading an active life and staying healthy during and after menopause is possible. As a naturopathic menopause coach, this is what I teach women.

Naturopathy for your dietary supplements

What if you could once again feel comfortable playing your sport, attacking a new hobby or challenge, or just getting a good night’s sleep? Metagenics nutritional supplements can turn your life around.

Whatever your current condition, I have solutions for menopausal and postmenopausal women. You get a significant improvement in menopausal symptoms and a renewed chance to enjoy your life.

Are you a woman going through menopause? Let's assess your needs (it's free)

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