Accelerated Health Recovery

My comprehensive service of personalized program for the management of menopausal symptoms is adapted to today’s lifestyle. I offer clear explanations that you can access at your convenience, in your very own client’s pace.

Have you ever purchased natural products online to alleviate your menopause symptoms and not even opened the boxes because you were intimidated by the endless instructions?

With my online Naturopathic service of the 21st century you will have long-term results.

I am providing personalized program adapted to your specifications and with unparalleled follow-up to help you reach your goals quickly and from the comfort of your location of choice.

  • Reduction of SPM symptoms, Menopause.
  • Healthy and long term weight loss.
  • Prevention of bone mass loss.
  • Diabetes Type II glucose regulation.
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol.
  • Reduction of inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Reduction of abdominal pain, regulation of intestinal movement.
  • Food plan: Food education – supplementation.
  • Cancer remission.

My approach to manage your symptoms of menopause … 1, 2, 3 go!

First step: Naturopathy Health check

Get your Naturopathy Health Check and personalized advice to reach your health objectives quickly and effectively.

Submit all completed documents available here. The results will be sent to me directly.

The data will be analyzed and a Naturopathy health check will be sent to you quickly. To start the Health Check process click here.

Second step to manage your menopausal symptoms: YOUR PERSONALIZED PROGRAM

Your food plan and your specific supplementation protocol to get back your health quickly, efficiently and in the long term.

Third step to manage your menopausal symptoms: INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT SERVICE

Customized support by video / podcasts that you can access at your convenience in the form of follow-up consultations and so on.